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Things to do in Prescott AZ


Prescott AZPrescott Arizona

Prescott is a great vacation spot in Arizona.

Here are a few of the best attractions and must see activities to do while visiting this Northern Arizona location.

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From fine dining to mountain biking, you’ll be awed by the hometown atmosphere, perfect weather, and a myriad of things to do in Prescott, Arizona.

Goldwater Lake

When needing a break from the summer heat, much needed for a trip to Arizona, Goldwater Lake is a beautiful gem of the city. When the sun is out, it reflects a beautiful golden orange hue across the entire lake and even trees and nearby vegetation seems to take on a golden color. You can rent canoes or other small boats to enjoy your time on the water. Just make sure to bring plenty of water.

Wine Tasting

If you enjoy wine tasting, make sure to head out to Granite Creek Vineyards. Here you’ll be able to sample and purchase excellent wine from the region.

Whiskey Row

Take a look back into the past by visiting Whiskey Row. This small strip in the center of town is almost exactly the same as how it looked 100 years ago.  It offers a great window into how life in America’s Old West might have been at the turn of the 20th Century.

Prescott is known worldwide as the host of the World’s Oldest Rodeo and most recently now the host of the annual Whiskey Off-Road Mountain Bike endurance race, the largest competitive mountain bike race in North America.

Prescott is also a well-known destination for special events, business conventions, and picturesque weddings.  Book your next event and trip to Prescott, Arizona!

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