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Prepping House to Paint

prepping house to paint

Tips on Preparing a House to be Painted

To produce a picture-perfect outside area, preparation is essential. Start your exterior paint prep by getting rid of as several products as you can (planters, mailboxes, shutters, house numbers, pipes, outdoor furniture, as well as lights), and also follow these steps for prepping house to paint:

  1. Usage Drop Cloths: Put ground cloth in position under the areas you thinking to paint.
  2. Smooth the Surfaces to Be Painted: Ensure that all surfaces you consider to paint are smooth as well as devoid of cracks. Countersink any revealed nail heads, and place prime locations as required.
  3. Putty and Caulking: Your exterior paint preparation need to include using putty as well as caulk to fill up any type of nail head depressions, cracks, as well as imperfections on the surfaces to be painted. Where necessary, scratch away old caulk and use brand-new caulk as well as prime.
    When dealing with bare wood, apply guide prior to you re– caulk. Plain Glossy Locations For glossy or shiny surfaces, lightly sand for far better adhesion. Sand any “mill glaze” off new house siding, to guarantee correct paint adhesion.
  4. Remove Dust, Dirt, and also Mildew: Use a fabric or soft brush to wipe any dust and also dirt from the surfaces to be repainted. Remove chalk residue with a brush or water, and also make certain to get rid of any type of mildew.
  5. Prime Issue Areas: On any type of subjected areas where paint has worn thin, peeled, or blistered, apply guide as well as allow it to dry extensively.
  6. Clean Gutters, Downspouts, as well as Eaves: When prepping house to paint, be sure to clean and also prime your gutters and downspouts before painting. Due to the fact that they are factory– layered, new aluminum gutters as well as downspouts should stay in good condition for numerous years.For formerly repainted gutters and downspouts, get rid of any type of corrosion or peeling off paint with a scrape or cord brush. Sand the edges smooth, from sound paint to bare areas. Under eaves, wash safeguarded areas with a yard hose, utilizing a solid stream of water. After the surface of the eaves has actually dried out, apply self– priming IronClad ® Latex Low Lustre
  7. Metal & Wood Enamel: When brand-new, galvanized gutters and also downspouts are covered with a fabricating oil that must be eliminated before painting. Utilize our Benjamin Moore Oil & Grease Emulsifier (M83) to get rid of the oil, and prime with a latex product.
  8. Preparation Masonry and Stucco Surfaces: If your brick or masonry surface is streaked with a white powder or efflorescence, you can remove it with a wire brush and scraper. Take care to discover and also remove the cause of any kind of efflorescence. For newly created block and also stucco surfaces, make certain to allow 30 to 60 days prior to you use a guide or overcoat.

Prepping house to paint is a skill set in it’s own right and deserves special attention within every job. If you’re looking to get your house painted professionally give us a call today for a free bid.

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