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Prescott Painting Contractors: Licensed and Unlicensed.

Advantages and Disadvantages using Best Prescott Painters

If a painter is unlicensed it does not mean he will do a poor job in painting your home. Hiring a house painter without a license recommended to you by a friend or neighbor may work out very well. Especially if he is not asking for any money up front. A painter without a license doesn’t have to deal with getting bond, license, buying overpriced books to study for the tests necessary to get a license (this license does not have anything to do with the skills of a painter). And that is why a painting bid of someone without a license is usually less than of a licensed painting contractor. In Arizona, one can operate under handyman exemption, where a person does not have to get a license if the cost of the project is under $1000.

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If a homeowner doesn’t have anybody that can recommend a good painter and the choice is made among Prescott house painters found in yellow pages or online, paying a little extra for a licensed painting contractor has its benefits.

A licensed house painter can’t just take a down payment for a painting project, change his phone number and never show up to do the job because his license is on the line. Not that this scenario is absolutely impossible, but with a licensed painting contractor it is very unlikely to happen. If a painter took the time to get his license most likely he will have all the equipment necessary for the job. Power washer with high enough pressure to clean the exterior of the house properly. Sprayer to spray paint the surface that can’t be painted with a roller. If any unexpected problems come up during the painting process, resolve the problem instead of just walking away, leaving painting job unfinished.

If a painting contractor with a license to damage your house, you can get the money out of registrar of contractors recovery fund to pay for the damages. It covers a contractor up to $30,000 per incident. A lot of painting contractors also carry a liability insurance that can come handy if the damage is so great that it exceeds the thirty thousand dollars.
Regardless of whether you contract with a licensed or unlicensed house painter asking the basic questions can keep the homeowner away from unprofessional painters.

Here are some good questions to ask when hiring a Prescott house painter

  1. How long have you been in the business?
  2. How many similar painting projects have you done?
  3. What kind of prep work will be done prior to painting?
  4. How long will it take you to complete this project?

An abstract example of how a Prescott painting contractor may be estimating the cost of a painting project

There are a lot of different questions homeowners ask when they are evaluating painting contractors, who give them bids to paint a house. But the question that is asked all the time is “how much?”. When the economy is in a bad shape not many people do home improvements. The same quantity of painting contractors competing for fewer jobs and that is why painters charge less for the same job they were charging when the economy was in a better shape. While shopping for the best painting price there are a few things to keep in mind. In spite of a general tendency for a painting bid to be lower, all of the painting costs stayed the same. You wouldn’t want to do electrical work on your house without the use of a professional, would you? Not only is it not safe, but the potential long-term effects could be damaging to the resale of your home. The price went down at the expense of the painting contractors making a smaller profit per job.

This is an example of how a painting contractor would calculate a painting bid

Take a 1500 square feet house. To paint an exterior, the amount of paint needed for 2 coats on average is 15 gallons. Most of the Prescott painting contractors buy their paint at Dunn Edwards store.

Prescott House from a Painting Contractor

Painting Contractor Average Costs

Cost of paint would be about $300 depending on discount contractor has and paint quality. This is assuming 100% acrylic paint is used. For the paint that is not 100% acrylic, the cost of three five gallon buckets could be around $250.
Masking paper, tape, and plastic $50.
Labor cost varies the most. But let’s say there are 2 painters.
It would take about 25 hours between two professional painters to paint this house (just quality prep work and painting, no major repairs). Most of the house painters in Phoenix metro area who work for a painting company on average make about $15 an hour. 25 hours x 2 experienced house painters x $15 an hour = $750
If it is a painting company that specializes in high-end homes somewhere in the Prescott area, for example, the hourly wage of house painter could easily be more than $15 an hour.
Paint $300, materials $50, labor $750
Total cost to a contractor is $1100.

Image of unknown cost

This is just an abstract and simplified example to give a homeowner a general idea, that does not include the cost of running a business such as the cost of advertising, gas, vehicle maintenance, etc. Each painting company operates differently.

If the bid is too low it may be too good to be true. If it is too high it may be overpriced. That is why the price by itself should not be the decision making factor in hiring house painters. It is good to ask questions during the estimate of what kind of paint contractor is using and how much does he buy it for? How many painters will be working on the house and what kind of experience they have? A contractor who is using quality paint and hiring professional house painters would not mind sharing it with a homeowner.

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