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Choosing House Exterior Paint Colors

5 Ideas to Help You Choose the Perfect Home Exterior Paint Color

When it comes to deciding the exterior color scheme for your dream house, things can become quite stressful. You have to consider not just your preferences but also that of other members of the household. Furthermore, you also have to think of the minutest architectural details in the house, which may make or break the overall aesthetics, and overwhelm you and your neighbors.

The perfect home exterior paint color is something that will highlight the best features of your house design. With the right selection of palette, you can disguise design errors, improve curb appeal, and increase the market value of your house.

What can you do to find the best paint color combination for your home exterior? Here are some ideas to help you out.

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Honoring The Past

Preserve the legacy and significance of a home with traditional color schemes. Thus, if you have acquired a property that is decades old, stick to its roots and respect its origin, which will help a lot with increasing the aesthetics.

For example, if you have a lavish Victorian style abode, choosing four to six shades from a historic color chart will be enough to accentuate the intricate details popular during the eponymous period.

Avoid modern shades as they may not come out nicely with antique architectural designs, and may just upset the overall appearance.

Revamping the Look

If you think that traditional palettes are not you, then you can also opt for modern colors that may still go perfectly with the architectural design. Brighter shades can produce an astonishing and visually stimulating effect – that is if your local historic commission will approve.  

On the other hand, before you get started, choose a color that will perfectly blend with the neighborhood. As much as possible, make sure that your neighbors would not mind if you paint the home exterior in bubblegum pink. You do not want to draw much attention with a wild choice like that.

It may be your property but, if it is listed as a historic property, you will need approval from the Historic Preservation (local) District, the agency responsible for protecting the historic integrity of a heritage property and the neighborhood where it belongs.

If this is not the case, however, you still need to make sure that your modern home will not stand out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood because of its exterior paint.

Thinking What Is Around You

Your home need not be an exact duplicate of your neighbor’s house. But acknowledging the house designs around you may help you make a good decision for your home exterior paint. Ask yourself whether the architecture looks similar to your own, and what the view may look like from a distance.  Furthermore, when you have put into consideration your surroundings, include the natural features if you are in a suburban development. From there, you can start narrowing your paint options.

Getting Inspiration from Nature

For those who are born naturalists, choosing a palette of earthy colors may sound appealing. Draw inspiration from the surrounding trees and flowers. If you have a front garden, select shades that complement your floral display. Also, take note of the direction your house is facing. For those that are facing the east, light sunny tones are a pleasant choice.

You can also choose lighter shades to create an illusion of grandiosity, making your house look larger than it is. For a dramatic effect, darker tones and bandings draw more attention to details.  

Checking Architectural Details

Knowing the type of roofing material is also key to finding the right color combination. Whether you have asphalt, metal, terracotta, slate, or clay, it has to complement well to what paint you are going to choose. In addition, check the windows, chimney, and flooring styles and features to create a harmonious scheme.

Try experimenting with color families, if you have enough time. Otherwise, take cues from house designs online.


Choosing the right exterior paint color scheme is easier if you take note of historicity, architecture, and environment. For an expert opinion, you can also contact professionals of painting services. Assuredly, they have better means and tools to find the perfect look for your house exterior.  


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