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Enhance Your House with a Prescott’s Best Painter

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal.   Maybe it’s not yet time to paint your entire house, but hiring a professional house painter for a day or two can enhance the look of your property without spending a great deal of money.   Let’s look at Read more about Enhance Your House with a Prescott’s Best Painter[…]

Prepping House to Paint

Tips on Preparing a House to be Painted To produce a picture-perfect outside area, preparation is essential. Start your exterior paint prep by getting rid of as several products as you can (planters, mailboxes, shutters, house numbers, pipes, outdoor furniture, as well as lights), and also follow these steps for prepping house to paint: Usage Read more about Prepping House to Paint[…]

Removing Wallpaper

Before Painting the Interior of your Home Currently we are including a series of interior house painting instructions, along with even more details on the threats of lead paint, wearing the correct respirator during painting projects and also other safety precautions. I am starting this collection of articles with a blog post concerning removing wallpaper. Read more about Removing Wallpaper[…]

Painting Garage Doors

Benefits of Painting your Garage Doors   As a child, garage doors appeared downright wonderful. We would certainly watch from the backseat as our moms and dads pressed a small button and abracadabra! The garage door of our home would certainly climb, signaling that we were finally home. Since we are all matured and also Read more about Painting Garage Doors[…]

Painting Touch-up Tips

Painting Can Help You Market Your House In all reality, summertime is the season for buying and selling. Odds are that when you take the dog for a walk or drive through your Prescott, AZ neighborhood, you could notice an “available” indication or 2. Or, maybe you have actually been investing this spring desperately preparing your very own Read more about Painting Touch-up Tips[…]

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